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Office Space Cleaning


  • Trash Removal

    • Remove multiple garbage bins and re-line the baskets

  • Vacuuming & Mopping

    • Control floor appearance by sweeping and vacuuming

  • Countertop and Surface Disinfecting

    • Kitchen counters, Dining tables, Desk Disinfecting

  • Glass Doors/Windows

    • Remove soil on entrance doorframes, handles, glass and threshold

  • Polishing

    • Remove smudges around doorjambs, push plates, light switches, glass partitions, counters and unobstructed work areas

    • Sanitize and polish all water fountains


  • Clean mirrors and sinks using disinfectant/detergents

  • Disinfect partitions, urinals, toilets

  • Refill soap and paper products


Cleaning Office/Windows/Countertops
Floor Care and Maintenance

Additional Add-On Options


  • Floor Maintenance - Waxing Buffing

  • Gymnasium floors

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Interior Windows

  • Shower Foaming & Powerwashing

  • Interior Wall Cleaning

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